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Products >> Plasma Cutting >> Plasma 25A

*The main part of the machine adopts advanced international conductor switch IGBT.
*In order to solve the interference from high frequency arc,this machine use touching ignition and has a specially designed torch to avoid it.
*This cutting machine has stable current when it is cutting,very neat cut and neat cut and used for cutting carbon steel,stainless steel,aluminium and copper.

Item Plasma 15A Plasma 25A
Power voltage(V) 115/230 230
Open circuit voltage(V) 400 400
Rated welding current(A) 5-15 8-25
Rated duty cycle(%) 35 35
Power factor Cos∮≥0.9 Cos∮≥0.9
Safety class IP21S IP21S
Cool mode Fan-cooled Fan-cooled
Dimension(mm) 400×160×240 400×160×240
Net weight(kg) 6.5 6.5
Flow of compressed air(L/min) 110 110
Max.Caffing thiickness(mm) 6 8
Cod.(No) 894001 894002
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