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Products >> MMA Stick Welders >> ZXE1-250S

*Suitable for AC/DC MMA welding with all kinds of electrode
*Convenient stepless adjustment of welding current
*Suitable for welding of low carbon steel,medium carbon steel,low alloy steel and others cast etc.

Item ZXE1-200S ZXE1-250S
Rated output current(A) 200/140 250/180
Power voltage(V) 110,230/400 110,230/400
Rated Duty cycle(%) AC 10%/DC 20% AC 10%/DC 20%
Rated input capacity(KVA) 10.7 14.2
Current range(A) 80-200/60-140 90-250/70-180
No-load voltage(V) 55-50 55-50
Weight(KG) 32 32
Dimension(mm) 540×280×450 540×280×450
Cod.(No) 891064 891065
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